26 January 2007

Hack, cough, wheeze

So I guess I finally caught the flu that's going around. I think everyone in my department has already had a bout, so my time was inevitable. My weekend picks are in jeopardy. I'm definitely going to miss the auction tonight, but Jenn will soldier on without me. Do I get partial credit?

Writing from home, pondering what to throw in the DVD player to help while away the hours when I can't concentrate enough to read. Ugh. I watched "21 Grams" this morning and came to the conclusion that depressing movies are best left to the times when you're not feeling blue. Ironic, eh? Even a very naked Naomi Watts couldn't stir my spirits.

I'm leaning to something from the "Lord of the Rings" canon, or maybe Indiana Jones, since that stuff's all pretty lively. Or I might boot up the PS2, where I can further the career of a boxer in "Fight Night Round 3" (fantastic game, by the way). I created a boxer using the old rules for my soap opera name (you know, take your middle name, then add the street you grew up on). My boxer's dubbed Michael Moreno; take that, "General Hospital."

I'll post more this weekend, after the crud's gone.


Allison Kennedy said...

Feel better soon, Brogger!
sorry you are illin.'
I loved the hemingway story.

tybeedawg said...

this is good, Brad, laying a little groundwork for calling out of w*rk on Monday. You might throw in a weak, wheezy voicemail later today, just for good measure. ;)

Sonya Sorich said...

nice try to justify a bad report card. i wrote mine...where's yours?

Brad Barnes said...

I AM sick. I AM sick. I just took my temp and it was 100.5. Holy crap. That's like the frequency of a classic rock station anywhere in the country. Acetametaphin (sp?) makes me loopy.