23 January 2007

It's the Oscars, and I'm the grouch

So I'll have a piece on which Oscar-nominated films are still playing locally in the Wednesday paper. Look for that. Some random thoughts as I was scrutinizing the list:

* I'm very glad that "Little Miss Sunshine" got the Best Picture nomination. But I think I would've sacrificed it to put "United 93" in there. I'm convinced that movie didn't get nominated because most of the folks who got to vote didn't have the cajones to actually watch the film. It's phenomenal. Better yet, leave "L.M.S." in the running and cut out "Babel," which I think is just an odd mash of "Syriana" and "Traffic." ("Syriaphic"?)

* Among animated feature film nominees, whither "Flushed Away"? You can't tell me it's not better than "Happy Feet." (Didn't Academy members realize that that's Robin Williams' voice in there? And isn't he still on strike from appearing in movies that are, you know, good?)

* Next year, how 'bout we just make a new category for Best Film Directed by Someone Named Guillermo? Congrats to Guillermo del Toro for the "Pan's Labyrinth" nomination, and, I suppose, to Guillermo Arriaga for "Babel." By the way, thanks to high school Spanish class, I know that Guillermo is the Spanish form of William.

* I know I've ranted plenty about "Borat" in the past. But what the hell earns it a nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay. Adapted from what -- his character on a TV show? I don't think it counts as an adaptation when he's doing the exact same thing, only with more footage and a better camera. And, as co-worker C.J. points out, what screenplay? The movie was funny enough in places, but it was criminally overrated.

* I can't tell you how happy I am that Ennio Morricone got an honorary statue. Everyone, hum the theme to "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" with me now. ("Ooohweee-oooohweee-oooooh. Wanhh-WANHH-wanhh.")


Anonymous said...

You're crackin' right about Flushed Away, Gromit!

Rhonda said...

BRAD!!! I'm crackin'up....why?...because you made me sing the song from the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

rhonda....now go read my blog

Brad Barnes said...

Rhonda! What's up, girl??? I added a link to your blog. I'm easy that way...

Bill said...

I only caught the last few minutes of the SAG awards Sunday night, and I was pleasantly surprised that LMS won for "Best Cast," apparently one of SAG's biggest awards since it was the final trophy. Appropriately, Greg Kinnear thanked Volkswagen for its fine workmanship in its 1970s-era vans ... Glad to hear from you, Brad, that The Queen is one I can wait on until it's out on DVD. And my guess is that, even then, I shouldn't view it from the recliner after a heavy meal.

Brad Barnes said...

Don't get me wrong. While it was no, "M:I:3," I thought "The Queen" was good. Definitely a talky British film, however.