24 January 2007

"Queen" quandry

OK, so I saw "The Queen" last night, and I must say, I was pretty disappointed that it wasn't about Freddie Mercury. I kid, I kid.

I never really thought much about the monarchy before, so it was good from that side. Also, great acting by both Helen Mirren and the feller who plays Tony Blair (Michael Sheen's his name). Probably not Best Picture, in all, but very worth seeing.

For those who have seen it, I've got a question. Jenn and I have been debating the symbolism of the 14-point buck that's killed by hunters. She thinks the deer represents Diana, standing alone, hunted and killed. But the movie really was unsympathetic to the princess, so I don't agree. I think it represents more "the monarchy," which may have suffered a fatal blow, or the death of "tradition."

Thoughts, anyone?



tybeedawg said...

who do you think was a better guitarist, Brian May or Prince Charles?

Brad Barnes said...

Something tells me that Charles has got a lot of repressed rage just waiting to shred... We could have a showdown -- like Ringo Starr vs. Pete Best -- to find out.