22 January 2007

Report card time (so, who out there can forge my mom's signature?)

Time to 'fess up on how I did with my weekend picks, I suppose. ... I'd claimed to be going to see one of the movies that just opened that were likely to get Academy Award nominations, and I planned to see either -- or both -- The Dempseys at The Loft and Sun Domingo at the SoHo.

So how'd I do?

The Dempseys

Well, on sheer numbers, I was 1-for-2. Saw "History Boys," but didn't see either concert. Before you fail me out with a 50% score, I should add that I also saw "Stranger Than Fiction," which might get a nod for best comedy or best screenplay. That should be worth at least 20 percentage points in extra credit, I think, which kicks me up to an acceptable C. We'll find out tomorrow if it's in the running for an Oscar, when the A.A. noms come out.

"History Boys"

Speaking of coming out, "History Boys" is very good, very funny and unflinching in its exploration of discrimination against gay people. That's not all it's about, of course. I'd say it's largely about the potency of abstract thought and the multivitamin that is an education in literature, history and -- thank god this was included -- pop culture. Knowledge is power, as Schoolhouse Rocky used to tell us. Check it out while it's at Carmike's screening room at the Peachtree 8. It'll probably be, er, history after Thursday.


eileen said...

B+... good on ya' for pitchas... and for honesty in journalistic blogging. a valuable quality.

Also, because conjunction junction is about my favorite all time grammar rock... wha's yo' function?
hookin' up words an' phrases an' clauses...
hey, that almost ties in with the rudolph post. (santa... i know you got it.)

Brad Barnes said...

The one I can't get outta my head is the one about, "You know they're nouns. You know they're nouns."

iHomo said...

3 Is A Magic Number is the best - I'm just saying. I even have a live cover of Jeff Buckley singing that song - it was always my favorite. When I was forced to go to church as a child, I would sing that song over and over in my head to keep from going completely numb.


tybeedawg said...

Oxford American's music issue had an excellent article on Bob Dorough, who wrote "3 is a Magic Number." Highly recommended.




eileen said...

ooh, tanks, "mangy dog in the present tense"!!! (cur ...'tis)... for the links to dorough... i have been trying to figure out where the heck i can do some good on this planet. i've had more than one person suggest kids songs. oh, an i ah do love mose allison!

is nice ta be in yer orbit. byb will be cool, WHEN it happens AGAIN....

and, thanks to bb, for providing the fertile ground sprouting new ideas. mmm-MMM!

tybeedawg said...

No prob, "me tilted slightly" (I..lean). Children's songs are the way to go, even Jason Ringenberg, from my favorite early 80s alt-country band Jason & The Scorchers, has morphed into Farmer Jason and does an entire set aimed at the knee-high set.