24 January 2007

The (sausage) party's over

I had a buddy tell me my blog, thusfar, has been too "man-centric." So I'm looking for an excuse to put in some pictures of hot women. Which brings me to the CW. Why is it that this network has so many shows with hot women (answer: to get ratings), yet performs pitifully in the ratings (answer: "Everybody Hates Chris").

I actually caught myself watching -- brace yourself -- "Beauty and the Geek" the other day. Not that I knew what I was watching. Sonya Sorich helped me figure it out the next day. I got sucked in because the buxom beauts were having to interview a New York Times reporter who penned a bestseller. Only one of the contestants actually read the book in advance, even though it was given to all of them. So it was kind of a guilty pleasure watching them fall on their perfectly blushed, tweezed and eyelined faces.

I've never seen "Gilmore Girls," but I understand there's quite a split on whether the mother or daughter is hotter. I'm going with the daughter. No wait, the mother. Oh, why do we have to choose?

I'd talk about "7th Heaven," but that show tires me. It used to be like a dramatic version of "Full House." I guess now it's supposed to be hip. Whatever. More like "7th Plane of Hell." Let's get back to the Gilmore girls debate. The mother. That's final. Sort of.

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