18 January 2007

Abandon all hope, ye who enter...

So it's come to this...

I was just thinking, you know, the world needs more disposable "literature." So here it is, via "Barnes' Storming." Call it lit lite. First of all, I should point out that I wanted to call this thing "Brog." You know, like an amalgam of "Brad's Blog"? I could see the title in all caps, only with the "AD'S" and the "BL" crossed out to create the new word. Smarter heads prevailed. This was my second choice.

I'd like to keep this thing pretty free-form, which means I'd like to hear from you guys as to what y'all want to talk, or hear me rant, about. But fear not. Just in case no one's reading, I've got a slew of topics I'm ready to cover.

For this, the first posting, I thought I'd just run through some of the media I've been playing with in the past week.

Movies: I watched "Miracle," over the weekend. It's the Kurt Russell movie about the U.S. hockey team's run in the 1980 Olympics. I was a little worried that, since it carried a G rating and was put out by Disney that it would be a soap-sudsy telling of the story. It was actually really engaging. Russell proved himself a (cough-cough) pretty good actor. And he said "screw" at one point. Huh-huh. He also has an awesomely bad 'do... Hoping to get out to see "Stranger Than Fiction" before it leaves the dollar house. I'll let you know what I think if I can get there afore Friday.

Music: Catching up on last year's buzzes. Grabbed the new Keane disc and finally got the Arctic Monkeys. Not blown away by either, but maybe they're too hyped by the time I'm actually checking it out...

TV: I'm amazed that the quality of "The Office" never seems to drop. There's at least three laugh-out-loud moments every week, like last week, when Dwight makes Jim walk in front of him, so he can be better prepared for Jim's attacks, and Jim just slaps him in the face. OK, you had to be there. Tonight's ep is new, we're told. Also looking for the return of "Studio 60" on Monday. (Anyone who watched the Christmas episode and loved the New Orleans jazz players' version of "O Holy Night," go here and download the mp3.

Button mashing: Wrote a review of "Rogue Galaxy" based on the demo of the game. The 10 best reviews win a free copy. It was pretty good, but I'm not much of a fantasy RPG player. So if I win the game, I'll probably try to swap it at yon Electronics Boutique for something else, like "Okami." If I don't win, I'll post my review here, so y'all can laugh at it. There's some clause in the contest that says the review must be unpublished, so I'll have to wait, though.

But enough about me. Let's talk about you. What do YOU think about me...?

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