15 January 2007


First post. Just testing the blog, fellas.


eileen said...

pitchahs, we wants mo' pitchas.

ya give an ainch, we wants a yahhhd. bahhhnyahd, ayuh, lahk dey say in maine.

The Grumpmeister said...

Great idea, Brad, now if we can just get off the "junk rock" and get on to something more meaningful, you know, something that actually utilizes the english language the way it was meant to be used instead of the language used by Eileen, whatever that is. It may be cute to some but to me it is just a pitiful excuse to perpetuate the non-intellectual, grammatically challenged, pseudo-persona of the artistically inept culture so prevalent in todays society. Slang I can deal with and colloqualism is acceptable, hell, even cursing and off color terminology is fine when used to define and refine the context of the story but blatant and unnecessary cursing, misspellings and extremely violent content doesn't send the message that will shape the young minds of America into the culturally educated adults I would like for them to become. This transends and applies to all races, colors, creeds, ethnic backgrounds and religions.

Brad Barnes said...

Hey, I'm just happy someone's reading and communicating with me in this little Web haven. I'll take sign language, ebonics and phonetic spellings of gutteral noises. But absolutely no smilicons.