30 January 2007

You too? Take two

Thought I'd try my hand at posting a poll in my blog. So I'll use that U2 column (see below) as poll fodder. Here goes...

If U2 were recording an album of lullabys, what's the best name for a song on the record?
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (My Binky)
Sunday, Poopie Sunday
Who's Gonna Ride Your Rocking Horses?
Dried (In the Name of Luvs)
The Unforgettable Pacifier
Where the Sheets Have No Stain
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Anonymous said...

da plane, da plane (tatu)

lawdy, whass come ovah you?

you spectin' a crowd ta visit da blog?
...or you's bout'as bored as a bump onna log?

we can tell you're home schooled and good at drawing straws... about how to get people to your blog. I'll be sure to tell the visitors i refer to cross reference my influence... but i have to think of a secret sign.

... back to the point. there's too much empty space, here. it's not fun. it doesn't make you WANT to vote. yeah, the words are cute... but you need some OOmph. (i think that goes with the poopie song)...maybe you need to put ... mmm. what makes good blogs? .....pictures!

ahh, yes. i think you need to add illustrations of potential album covers for each song. .. and they could be nice, simple, pre-school style pictures. Doesn't someone have paints, or crayons over there?

oh, wait, i forgot... they dash their artists on the rocks...

Anonymous said...

oh by the way... A+ for the clickable poll insertion.

Anonymous said...

ok, soon i will be dust in the wind but... i have to report that your poll check spots are not properly aligned. Being your only voter at this time, (just before i am leavin on a jet plane, i thought i would look at your results...) i can safely say the the registered winner is NOT what i voted for. I distinctly slid my WACOM pen over the paci-FIRE song... and what showed up was the DRIER song. mayaps 'tis a metaphor that i am too soggily sentimental with LUV... hey! this is also a psychotherapeutical post! fancy that!

the men in white coats have arrived... ta ta.

Brad Barnes said...

The poll's working fine, I think. But it might not've tallied your vote. The "luvs" vote was my own. try voting again. And if that doesn't work, you can mail in your vote for a chance at the marvelous prizes.

Oh wait. There are no prizes.

Anonymous said...

i probably didn't Whack the wacom quite enough. are you allowed to vote in your own poll?

Brad Barnes said...

Only once.