06 February 2007

Ben vs. Willy

I was crushed last year when Ben's Wings & Things closed up shop. Sure, the place wasn't, technically, "clean." Sure the waitstaff earned that title by making you wait, and wait, and wait to place an order. Sure, they perfected surliness into an artform.

But did you ever taste the wings?

Anyway, Sara from the Sandwich Shanty has moved into the place and given it a good cleaning. But I do miss the lip-burning home-made red sauce that crawled under your fingernails and stayed there for hours.

Finally tried Willy's Wings, on Armour Road, off Manchester Expy. The place wasn't exactly hiding, but I'd always avoided it out of loyalty to Ben's. How could anyone compete with the best wings in town? ... But, resigned, finally, that Ben's is gone, I gave 'em a try, and I'll be damned it Willy's doesn't make a really good wing too. Here, three hours later, I still see the red goo under my fingernails.

Now if I could just get them to open up a franchise downtown...

(Oh, and look for a dining profile on Willy's in Thursday's To Do section.)

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