07 February 2007

Bibb City. I mean, Bibb Village

Most folks know that one of my passions for the past four years has been renovating a home in Bibb City. Lots of folks are doing it now, because the houses are (or were) cheap, the land is rolling and beautiful and close to the river. It's a super convenient neighborhood to downtown and to the J.R. Allen Parkway. There are parks everywhere, and a Riverwalk hub two blocks from my place.

Anyway, we're pretty excited that developer Johnny Cargill bought 19 properties in the Bibb (which developers are hoping to rechristen Bibb Village), because he's committed to building houses that are in character with the rest of the mill town. New houses that look like old houses, basically.

He's still formulating what those houses will be exactly, and he's soliciting info from folks who are curious about living in the Bibb.

I'm not trying to sell his land. The view alone will do that. But if anyone's curious, I'd encourage them to drive River Avenue and look at the lots. And he's collecting anonymous survey data about the kinds of houses people would like to live in there.

Here's the survey link. I took me about 3 minutes when I took it.

Won't you be my neighbor?

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