17 February 2007

The Broad brought me the blues

We went with a group of folks to see "The Last King of Scotland" last night. I can now say that Forest Whitaker's a lock for best actor. Holy crap. About three quarters into the film I was thinking how tasteful the direction was, despite telling such a gruesome story -- you know, the genocide of 300,000 Ugandans and all. Then WHAM (still working on my "Seventeen"-style emphasis). It turns very ugly fast.

Afterward, most of the group headed to a coffee shop to discuss, but Jenn and I pealed off and headed to the new Phenix City blues club to check out the scene. At the time, I was more in the mood for a beer than a stimulant.

We chose wisely. Broad Street Blues, at Dillingham and Broad, was a great breath of fresh air. The parking lot was full, and the stomping electric blues was seeping out of the building. Inside, it was the most diverse crowd I've seen in a Chattahoochee Valley club in a long time. Young, old, black, white. Peggy Jenkins has a killer voice, and she was belting blues in front of a tight house band (Larry Rose was on bass). Folks intermingled and danced, and it was perfect for getting our minds off of the trauma of the movie for a bit. Now, if the club would just take the house lights down a bit, things would be perfect. And kudos for going smoke-free. Check this place out, guys.


gspence said...

wow--this sounds cool! I'll have to check it out.

Brad Barnes said...

Hey, Greg. Let me know when you wanna go. Jenn and I will meet you for a beer.

TybeeDawg said...

I was wondering when that place was opening up! Any band with Larry Rose in it is, by definition, tight.

We'll have to make it over the river to check it out, thanks!

Oh, the painting of the slide guitarist reminds me of a pastel I did for the cover of Playgrounds a couple of years ago...wonder if we got the inspiration from the same photograph?


Brad Barnes said...

The B.B. King book cover? It's possible. I just cribbed that photo from the Internets. Most folks don't mind, since it gives them some site traffic.

Here's the artist's Web page: