26 February 2007

Chattahoochee chili

"How do you do it?"

It's the inevitable question, when people find out I'm prone to holding chili cook-offs at my house. It's not the party hosting they're curious about. It's more like, how do you eat that much chili?

This year there were 11 batches of chili. Yes, I ate them all. The hoofy one (three meats, all from cloven animals), the vegan one, the chicken one, the vegetarian (but not vegan) one, the buffalo one, the one enticingly titled "Burning Sensation," and, well, five others. The trick is practice. My working theory is that with enough sampling, your stomach becomes seasoned -- like your mom's blackened cast iron fry pan -- and the fiber-rich chili can do you no damage.

All the same, after 11 bowls of chili (OK, they were very small portions) last night, I'm now wondering what I can eat for lunch that won't push my teetering digestive system over the brink.

Sounds like I need more seasoning. Eventually.

Oh yeah, the Oscars were going on, too. I'll rant a bit about that in tomorrow's column in the paper.

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