28 February 2007

Guitar, of the non-rock sort

For the first time in, like, four years, I missed all of the CSU Guitar Symposium this year. But last weekend's competition is bringing in strong reviews. Director (and fabulous guitarist) Andrew Zohn was proud that, for the first time, a CSU student placed.

The archlute concert was apparently something to behold, too. The instrument was taller than its player, and he would sway it side-t0-side like the mast on a tallship.

Here's the list of winners, just posted on the Schwob School of Music site.

2007 Competition winners
Division 1
1st Joao Paulo Figueiroa
2nd Samuel Klemke
3rd Mark Edwards
4th Andrew Stroud

Division 2
1st James Aluri
2nd Ryan Volstad
3rd Samuel Perez

Division 3
1st Brant Dixon
2nd Ivor Peles
3rd Samuel O'Cain

A guitarist displays the legendary "inverted bird" chord

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Allison Kennedy said...

Congrats to Andrew and CSU for bringing this to Columbus!