12 February 2007

Keeps the doctor away

First things first: Thirty-five degrees is too cold in which to be tooling around Columbus on a motorscooter. What was I thinking?*

While thawing out, I finally got a chance to sample the new Apples In Stereo record online. It came out last Tuesday, and my delay is almost inexcusable for someone with (a) an avowed love of the Elephant 6 collective bands, and (b) an unnatural adoration of Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys. Mitigating factors: The Apples have always been a bit too bubblegum for me, and when the band disappeared for five years, I'd kinda assumed they broke up.

That said, the new disc, "New Magnetic Wonder," sounds really good. Maybe it's the Todd Rundgren and ELO influences I hear creeping in. I'll definitely be picking up this record. It's not Neutral Milk Hotel, but there a more pronounced edge in the soundscape of these songs, and I can sink my teeth in. Fans of late-era Flaming Lips oughtta give it a spin.

Dollar downloads: "Play Tough," "Sun Is Out," "Beautiful Machine Parts 1-2"

*What I was thinking: Conserve fossil fuels


TybeeDawg said...

Gotta admit to not knowing much about either Apple or the Elephant 6 collective.

Now...Brian Wilson, ELO and Todd Rundgren? I know those guys!

Brad Barnes said...

It's not rootsy, or even terribly rock-y, and nowhere near outlaw country or the Truckers. But if you like good, eclectic pop with stream-of-conscious lyrics that make absolutely no sense, it's good stuff. About half of what I'm buying these days fits under the Elephant 6 collective umbrella, or their influences.

TybeeDawg said...

I'll have to check 'em out...I've d/loaded some shows that are loosely affiliated with the collective, but it never quite resonated with me. My taste digs a pretty wide trench though.

Brad Barnes said...

Didn't mean to pigeonhole you, Curtis. I just knew your passions for the DBT, Steve Earle and other of the alt-country set. (And I share them, believe you me...)

TybeeDawg said...

You going to see Chick Corea and Bela next week?

Brad Barnes said...

Yeah, I'm all over that show. We actually got box seats for the first time ever. Can't wait. ... You going?