06 February 2007

Movie hell

I'll tell you what movie I'm not rushing out to see this weekend: "Norbit."

Well, and "Hannibal Rising." But mostly "Norbit." I remember when Eddie Murphy could make humor out of something besides fat people. Or, more accurately, skinny people wearing fat suits making stupid faces.

Seriously, what's the last good comedy he's done (where he didn't voice an animated donkey)? And don't say "Bowfinger," which was tolerable but overrated. Probably "Beverly Hills Cop."

It's kind of like when Drivin' n' Cryin' released that dreck of an album, "Smoke," and it was so bad that you were afraid you misjudged the caliber of the band to begin with. That record was so lously that it effectively erased four really good ones before it.

Eddie Murphy

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