15 February 2007

Pixelated pyrotechnics

When we were driving to Savannah last weekend, the first CD I popped in was The Arcade Fire's much-acclaimed "Funeral." Jenn hadn't heard it, and a few songs in she kinda snarled and asked who it was.

I changed it out for something softer. (She's never liked vitriolic, venom-spitting sort of music -- she hates Modest Mouse, for instance -- but she inexplicably loves The Pixies.)

Anyway, I'd been playing the disc in anticipation of the Canadian act's new record, "Neon Bible," which is due out on March 6. But here's good news for people who need a fix before then. The band will perform on NPR's All Songs Considered live online concert series on Feb. 17 (that's Saturday), and the show will include performance of some cuts from the live record. The show starts about 8:30 EST on public radio stations -- look for the Webcast online here. Best of all, the songs will be archived as MP3s thereafter, at this site.

Happy listening.

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