14 February 2007

Red and yellow, black and white

Stumbled onto this very unusual Web site, in which you can upload a mug shot of yourself (or your unsuspecting wife, heh heh) and have it make you black, Asian or white, change your gender, make you a baby, make you old, or paint you as one of the great masters would.

The Face Transformer is free, and lots of fun to play with. For Valentine's Day, I grabbed a picture of me and Jenn together, aged each face, then, through the magic of Photoshop, placed the old heads atop the current ones. Then I used that image on a card that said I want to grow old with her. It was both sweet and grotesque, which is exactly what I was going for...

To play with it yourself, click here, or visit this Web site:

And here's some of what I did with it:

old Brad

baby Brad

black Brad

El Greco Brad

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