10 February 2007

Savannah smiles

Happy as a clam, belly filled with shrimp, here in Savannah. Tonight we're celebrating my friend's 30th proper-like. Fun, fun.

One of the best pastimes on the road is reading the ultra-colloquial street signs you pass. In Butler, Ga., one of my favorites has always been Crossroad School Road. So the school was named for the road? Or the road was named for the school? I'm confused.

I also enjoyed Skate-R-Bowl Road, on the outskirts of Savannah. And here's a mouthful, just a bit west: Dixon Grove Lake Church Road. No foolin'.


Allison Kennedy said...

Hey it's Allison, "over yonder."
I'm sure y'all are having a great time. ... I can't believe you blogged on vacation. :) ... still waiting for "news" (edited, of course) from the "Vegas-ites." If that's a word.
Hello to all.

Brad Barnes said...

So much good food. Here's a tour of the food, starting with dinner Friday night: steamed crab, chocolate waffles, buffalo shrimp, hanger steak (medium rare) with roasted eggplant mashed potatoes, and a version of eggs benedict served over asparagus.

Now I've got to get back on a diet. But it was worth it.

TybeeDawg said...

I grew up in Savannah, so you gotta tell me where you ate!

Brad Barnes said...

Bonna Bella -- a fairly new seafood place run by a very good chef whose done a couple of other Savannah places. Driftaway Cafe on Isle of Hope is where we did brunch on Sunday. Had a gourmet meal Saturday night at Alligator Soul. Pricey but tasty. Drank too much wine...

TybeeDawg said...

Restaurants come and go so quickly, don't they? Bonna Bella is the name of the neighborhood I grew up in. I bet I know where it is, probably owned by the husband of a friend of mine.

My favorite places used to be Teeples in Thunderbolt, Crab Shack on Chimney Creek and North Beach Grill on Tybee.

Dang, now I'm hungry for seafood!