23 February 2007

Skirting the issue

I've written plenty about the Modern Skirts for the Ledger-Enquirer, including a bit in this week's edition of my weekend picks. But they're easily worth a $5 cover charge at The Loft tonight.

In my book, the best piece of press on these guys came from Paste magazine, with the story about singer Jay Gulley's response to meeting Michael Stipe for the first time. (Read it here.) Nevertheless, there seem to be no hard feelings toward R.E.M., as evidenced from a recent Skirts Web post stating, in part: "In fact, just before the show, we learned R.E.M. would be taking the stage before us, which was intimidating, but we also can say that one of the biggest bands in the world technically opened for us."

Anyway, the Skirts are good kids. Some day I'll stop saying that they're a combination of Ben Folds and Guster, but that day is not today.


TybeeDawg said...

I'm a Skirts fan, but we visited Bibb City for Dean Hall (Tom T's son). Good blues guitar player in a Kenny Wayne or SRV vein. Whisky Bent opened, and supposedly Drivin N Cryin were scheduled, and cancelled (?) Fun night, especially considering we had no idea what to expect (it turned out to be a biker party).

Brad Barnes said...

I hadn't really heard of Dean Hall until we searched it out trying to figure out how big a deal he was. ... I don't suppose he played any of his papa's stuff, did he?

TybeeDawg said...

I was hoping for "daddy kill a chiken," but basically we saw a very good blues-rock cover band.