23 February 2007

Strong women, good looking men, above-average children

This isn't exactly news, at least not if you define news as "new," but a friend just saw this item on CMT.com, and I thought I'd pass it along. It's from a series of Q&A's with Garrison Keillor last June, as he was promoting the "Prairie Home Companion" movie. One of the questions came from an Atlanta fan, after the noisy debacle caused by the crowd at his live performance at Chastain Park. Pretty illuminating where he stands on the big city/small town issue...

Q: I'm a fan from Atlanta and am so sorry that the audience was so rude last year when you brought the radio show to Chastain Park. We've seen many talented artists -- from Randy Newman and Lyle Lovett to Rickie Lee Jones and Dan Fogelberg -- leave the stage in frustration at this elitist outdoor country club of a concert venue. I hope this hasn't soured you on Atlanta, where you are dearly loved. Would you consider returning to the regal and more appropriate Fox Theatre in the future? There you would get the listening ears and warm laughter you so richly deserve!

A: I remember the Fox well, and it's a fine venue, but I was recently in Columbus, Ga., and really came to love that town in short order. Carson McCullers grew up there, and her childhood home is preserved. There's an old opera house there. And there's a fabulous new auditorium that is as fine as any I've ever played in. I stayed in a B&B that I loved in a shotgun cottage on a quiet street, and there was a sweet little café down on the corner where you got pancakes in the morning. The people I met in Columbus were so comfortable. I felt at home there right away. It wasn't "star treatment" or anything like that. It was pure wholehearted Southern hospitality. I did my one-man show and afterward was invited to a newspaper guy's house and sat around on the porch talking with his wife and her parents and her sister and the sister's daughter and a couple of historians, and it was the sort of evening you wish could last forever. For the rest of my life, I prefer to be in the company of people like those and not in the company of rich drunks.

Pretty groovy, eh? The full piece is here, for Keillor fans. And don't forget he's bringing the whole "PHC" crew here for a live radio show on April 28. Check out the details on Sandra Okamoto's blog, over here.


Allison Kennedy said...

most excellent. ... nice to read that.

TybeeDawg said...

Thanks, I passed that on to some out of town friends. Might have to go to the show!

Brad Barnes said...

Jenn and I are going to be out of town that weekend. It's almost criminal. I'm a so-so fan. She's a huge fan. And we missed him last time he did the one-man show. D'oh. ... Maybe he loves us so much he'll come back again.