25 February 2007

Sunday morning coming down

Most days I'm anxious to listen to the newest music I've gotten my hands on. But Sundays are the days I stand in front of the CD shelves and search for old music that hasn't made it out of the stacks in too long. Usually I'll just load up the five-disc changer, then hit shuffle.

Here are today's selections:

*"The Best of Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers": Been listening to Richman's nasally music for more than 20 years. He's sort of like an amalgam Lou Reed (who is a buddy of Richman's) and the music of "Sesame Street."

*"Dry Bones Dance," Mark Heard: Heard was criminally unheard by the masses, mostly because he released his records on Christian music labels. But this album, from 1990, marked his movement to roots music, years before most of us had heard of The Jayhawks or Uncle Tupelo. I'm sad this guy died young, of a heart attack.

*"Gold," Ryan Adams: This disc represents what's good and bad about Adams. The music's stronger than any of his earlier efforts with Whiskeytown, but it's a little too sprawling and, well, just too long, for frequent listenings. Still, this may go down as his magnum opus.

*"You Gotta Sin to Get Saved," Maria McKee: Most famously the lead singer of long-defunct Lone Justice, McKee attains much higher artistic peaks as a solo artist than the band ever did. This record was her second solo effort, and it's got a great, old-school R&B feel to it (and two Van Morrison covers). Mariah Carey could learn a trick from this lady.

*"The Best of Leonard Cohen": I like Cohen later music too, but in his early work, represented here, he's got a higher, sweeter voice. You know, less like the prophet of doom what gives you night shakes and bad dreams and flashbacks to watching "Trainspotting." "Chelsea Hotel No. 2" is playing right now, and I'm having a moment.

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TybeeDawg said...

I'm familiar with all those except Mark Heard. I'll be sure to check him out, though.

I have a 200-cd changer that I play on shuffle, always some interesting stuff coming out, this morning for example...Buddy & Julie Miller, Willie Nelson, Dick Dale, Sea Level, Webb Wilder, Centromatic, Don Watson & Tony Rice, Dwight Yoakum, and the Mammals. Hmmm...maybe you DO have a point about my roots/alt-country leanings ;)

I was hoping the new Tommy Womack CD would be in my mailbox yesterday but no such luck.

Currently reviewing the new Tishamingo and David Childers discs.

I was a big Lone Justice fan, but I haven't heard the McKee disc. Another one I'll have to check out. I like "Gold" pretty good, there are several excellent songs there, but I'm partial to Whiskeytown, especially "Stranger's Almanac."