09 February 2007

Super Bowl ad nauseam

So the latest controversey over Super Bowl ads is the GM commercial depicting a robot arm contemplating suicide. Anti-suicide groups are up at arms (ostensibly human ones, not robot ones) about it.

What. Ever.

I'll write about this in Tuesday's column. Meanwhile, here's a poll related to all the different Super Bowl ad hooplah.

Which Super Bowl ad controversy is most ridiculous?
Gay rights folks upset at Snickers ad
Fast food workers hot about K-Fed's Nationwide ad
Suicide prevention groups mad at GM's suicidal bot
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Anonymous said...

you're lovin' th' polls, aintcha?
take that 'e' out of controversy!

Brad Barnes said...

donkey shame. i'm lost without spellcheck.

TybeeDawg said...

My question is, when are you supposed to get up, get a beer, grab some munchies, and use the bathroom (not necessarily in that order) during the Super Bowl? During the game, during halftime, or during commercials?

Brad Barnes said...

Halftime. Wait, Prince was pretty good this year, so during the game.