16 February 2007

Thirtysomething, going on 17

I'd call it a guilty pleasure, but I'm not sure it's actually pleasurable. It's more like a dirty little secret. But among the magazines subscriptions that float my way as a reporter is, inexplicably, "Seventeen." My coworker, Sonya, loves the danged thing, so she always makes me sit down with her when it arrives and we page through it together. I think she's got a masochistic side.

One of the best things about "Seventeen" is how they pull out quotes and add emphasis by setting shocking words in boldface. This month, there's a piece on a girl whose best friend -- BFF, I guess I'm supposed to say -- actually died after OD'ing, or drinking too much. Not to make light of the situation, but the pulled quote was kind of grotesque:

"She passed out and VOMIT was coming out of her MOUTH."

But by far the best feature in this months' issue was inside a section on what to do if you discover you're pregnant. The magazine actually printed a letter to give your parents, complete with blanks for everyone's names, announcing your pregnancy. It was a 3-inch square box printed with dotted lines around it like a coupon.
Maybe you're supposed to slip it into the Sunday paper's coupon section. I dunno.


(I also spied an add for the Nintendo Wii in this month's issue, which I found interesting. They're really cross-marketing that friendly little game system.)


TybeeDawg said...

"I learned the truth in Seventeen
bout this and that and beauty queens
and high school girls with mouths of vomit
whose tails were more famous than Haley's comet."

with (huge) apologies to Janis Ian

Brad Barnes said...


Hey, didn't she also sing a song called "Cosmopolitan Girl"? Hmmmm.