02 February 2007

Tonight we're gonna party like it's Super Bowl XLI

Vegas, which apparently will draw a line on anything (quick, oddsmakers, what are the chances I'll drink a Mountain Dew today?), is taking bets on what song the Artist Formerly Known As Talented will first play during his halftime show at Sunday's Super Bowl.

Maybe it's a sign of the times -- ahem -- that my first guess turned out to be the song that's leading in the odds, but I don't want to taint the poll with my opinion, so I'll keep that guess to myself until later.

What song will Prince play first on Super Bowl Sunday?
"Gett Off"
"Let's Go Crazy"
"Song of the Heart"
"Purple Rain"
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TybeeDawg said...

Dunno what he's going to play, but I am looking forward to hearing the comments from my co-w*rkers when he does play! ;)

The show I saw in Savannah during the 1999 tour is still probably in my top 15 favorite shows, and I have a killer live set from Paris that is some drop-dead serious funk. My friends who haven't heard much Prince are always amazed at how good he can be.

Brad Barnes said...

I wish I'd seen him live at some point. Had high hopes for "3121" after the early reviews were good, but the album fell flat, I thought.