21 February 2007

Well, if you can't laugh at venereal disease...

After spending a little more quality time with Seventeen magazine, I just had to share. First, from the unintentionally funny file, there's this image, from the top of a page informing young girls on the various sexually transmitted diseases and their symptoms:

I particularly like how the girl is pulling her waistband out to check down her pants for a disease. And the pants, notice are the PANTS OF DEATH, with skulls and crossbones on them.

On the very next page, there are some tips for what to do if you become pregnant, including a handy letter, with blanks for people's names, to give your parents. No joke. It even has dotted lines so you don't have to think too hard about how to cut out the little letter:

Thanks, Seventeen magazine. How did girls ever know how to tell their parents they got knocked up before you were there to print a coupon to handle the job for them. Sheesh. Couldn't they at least have suggested, I don't know, copying the message to a piece of looseleaf???

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