04 February 2007

What the...?

So I got a new(ish) record by Migala -- a band I'd been turned onto a few years back as sort of a Nick Cave-styled act out of Madrid. Very trippy, atmospheric stuff. Anyway, I'm listening to the new record, and the first track's an instrumental, sounds great. Track 2 starts, and the guy starts singing in English.

It's clear to me now that part of what I liked about these guys was the mystery in what they were saying. What does it mean when the music's more interesting when I can't understand the lyrics?

OK, Track 3's on now, and he's back to singing in Spanish. All is well in the world. This record is good (It's called "Restos de un Incendio"), and I don't mean to dissuade anyone from checking it out. In fact, I'd encourage people to give them a listen. I was just thrown for a loop...

Oh, and go Colts.


TybeeDawg said...

Sounds interesting. I'll have to check them out.

Currently listening to Bobby Bare Jr.

Brad Barnes said...

Love the Bare Jr.

After sedating my brain with the Migala, I set the burner on high for a chestnut from 1990 -- Neil Young/Crazy Horse's "Ragged Glory." It's probably been five years since I listened to that, but I suspect the Drive-By Truckers have played it since then...

eileen said...

11:11 is my favorite minute of the day.
now i know why...(this is from my friend patrick, an artist in savannah)

DNA 11

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It was just a matter of finding the best method of capturing these complex biological images. After several months of experimenting with various ways of presenting unique DNA fingerprints; they finally discovered the process that best displays the organic beauty of our DNA.

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here's some beautiful music in french for you... my recent gift from a loft listener...

Quel qu'un m'a dit - the newly released album is in English!