22 February 2007

Wii-son to believe

Need yet another reason to like Nintendo's Wii video game system? Try this on for size: The rapscallions behind the Homestar Runner webtoons have made their old-school, Atari 2600-style games compatible with the Wii.

So now you can play "Secret Collect," "Kid Speedy," "Population: Tire," and my favorite, "Strongbadzone," in which the antagonist pronounces you dead by saying, "Your head asplode" -- all on the game system voted most feared by flat screen TVs. (Still no ports of "Awexome Cross," "Pigs On Head," or "Where's An Egg?" though.)

If you're not already familiar with the Web universe of Homestar Runner, you've got some catching up to do. It's a collection of good-natured cartoons filled with '80s pop culture references and bad music. It's wonderful. You should visit their Web site. Actually, start by watching this Flash animation. Then try watching a few of the site's most popular features, where Strong Bad -- that's the little fat guy in the Mexican wrestling mask -- answers e-mails from fans. These here are good ones.

Oh, and the Wii games are here.

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