26 March 2007

Big weekend

Sorry I been so quite on the Brog. It's in contrast to a big weekend, in which:

(a) Me and a feller named Bucky loaded up four trailers fulla crap from the Bibb and added it to a giant pile for our Bibb City cleanup.

(b) I talked Jake Fussell into playing "Columbus Stockade Blues" for us at the Outsider's Outside Do-Nanny.

(c) Jenn bought me a giant Butch Anthony piece of folk art. It's hellacool.

(d) I whupped up on Brendan Shanahan's NHL dream team. I was playing the N.J. Devils (from last year).

(e) Jenn and I drove around Manchester and Warm Springs, sightseeing.

(f) I nearly chopped off my thumb making some salsa verde from scratch. It very nearly became salsa rojo. So typing's really fun today...

So what've you guys been up to???

Traditional salsa verde (left), and Brad's "bloody hell" version (right)

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