12 March 2007

Boston's loss

No, this isn't tied to "Aqua Teen Hunger Force." ... I just realized I hadn't said anything yet about Brad Delp, of the band Boston, dying Friday. Wasn't sure how to properly pay tribute, especially since the poor band's really not aged well with music fans, even though they were one of the defining voices of the '70s. And Delp, in turn, was the defining voice of the band. (Details TBA on how he died. He was 55.)

I did want to point out that an AP story on the wire is pretty unfair in its dismissal of the guy, saying: "Delp, a native of Danvers, Mass., joined Boston in the mid-1970s and sang on two of the band's biggest hits, 'More Than a Feeling' and 'Long Time.' " Truth is, he was singing with the band's genius guitarist/engineer/songwriter Tom Scholz before Boston formed. And he was singer on four of Boston's five records -- therefore on every one of its hits, including "Peace of Mind," "Smokin'," "Don't Look Back," and the '80s comeback stuff like "Amanda." He also wrote a few tracks, including "Let Me Take You Home Tonight."

Keep hitting those high notes, wherever you are, Brad.

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