20 March 2007

High Noone

OK, for a guy who writes a pop culture blog, I disdain an inordinate amount of modern television -- including most reality TV shows. Including "American Idol." But even I might have to watch "A.I." this week, when the guest performer/"mentor" is none other than Herman.

You know, of Herman's Hermits.

You know, the band what sang "Missus Brown you've gawt a love(r)ly daw-tuhrrrrrr," and "I'm Henry the Eight I Am" (sample lyric: "Ev-ur-ee one was an 'En-ur-ee. I'm 'En-ur-ee the Eighth, I am." Brilliant stuff.) The band was sort of a cockney version of The Monkees, even to the extent that both bands had former actors as lead singers.

Peter Noone is Herman's real name. He acted in stuff you've never heard of. Noone's perfect for judging "American Idol," since he spent an entire career mugging for the camera and performing sappy songs he didn't, you know, technically write.

Warning to Herman: Singing "Mrs. Brown" today will just make you sound like a pedophile, since you're turning 60 this year.

(Then again, I'd rather hear "Mrs. Brown" than ack! ack! "I'm Into Something Good" or the "Henry the Eighth" song.)

And be sure to check out Sonya Sorich's "A.I." blog afterward.
Herman, right, tweaks a recording
with an MGM producer in this undated photo.

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