31 March 2007

Dance dance devolution

Left-foot, right-foot. Left-foot, right-foot.

That's how I dance. The sixth-grade-white-kid shuffle. So no, I don't think I can dance, thank you very much. Plenty of people in Columbus do, though. At least, I assume the folks lining the sidewalk outside Big City Club and Oxygen on weekends are hoping to get in to dance. But maybe there's something more, to justify a high cover charge just to get in to listen to accelerated BPMs. Maybe someone can enlighten me.

Just make it fast, so you've still got time to bust your moves for the judges of "So You Think You Can Dance," who are scouting talent for season three in the ATL this Thursday (April 5). The publicist shot me a note saying, in part: "So far this year, in New York and Chicago, and Los Angeles we've had triple the amount of contestants show up in each city."

Maybe folks didn't get the memo about No Parking on the Dance Floor.

Wanna try out? Doors open at The Fox Theatre, 660 Peachtree Street NE, at 8 a.m. Log on to: www.fox.com/dance for more schtuff.

Other sucky white dancers like me might prefer to watch this guy do his thing instead.


Maggie said...

My folks went out Saturday night to see a late Music Fest show with Zydeco guy Geno Delafose. When they came back they kept laughing about how everyone was dancing and shouldn't have been, but that it didn't matter since it was such a great party.
So I guess it means that it's ok to dance as long as everyone's as drunk as you are.

I just can't figure out why people put out all that effort. Why do it if no one's going to throw you a Snausage for doing it?

Brad Barnes said...

I've always said, the more *you* drink, the better I dance.