12 March 2007

Do I hear "301"?

The swords & sandals epic "300" came outta nowhere this weekend to earn more than $70 million in just three days. This from a movie that cost just $65 million to make. (Huh. "Just.")

The problem with historical epics? It's hard to neatly come up with a sequel. Especially when everyone dies. That's not a spoiler, if you know anything about the Battle of Thermopylae.

Click here to play a free 2-player strategy game based on the battle.


lisa mc said...

I think I might go see this movie by myself today. I think we may have talked about you seeing it already ... or maybe that was someone else. regardless, I will report back on my thoughts, though they won't carry much weight with you considering i sat through 'the holiday' willingingly.

Brad Barnes said...

Do tell. I'm interested in it from the cinematographic (?) perspective. It looks beautiful, despite middling reviews.