29 March 2007

Dog, tired.

The day my dog died wasn't a great one for her. That sounds kinda stupid, I guess. But if you think about it, some dogs have great last days, running in field, chasing a cat, chewing up a pig ear before they catch it from a car. Hey hey, my my, and all that.

But Girlfriend -- the name's a long story -- had had a rough weekend. She quit eating on a Friday and was simply out of strength by Monday, when we carried her to the vet, already pretty sure that, at 18 years old, it was her last car ride. There was a lot of fluid in her heart, the vet told us, and her body was just shutting down.

I can barely skip a meal, so I can't imagine what it must have been like for her, not eating for four days. Still she found the strength to get up each day and walk outside to do her business. The best memory of that last morning was watching her mosey to the back door, stand atop the stoop and sniff the fresh air. Her tail gave a quick wag, and the stepped down to the backyard she loved so much.

I'll never forget that little wag.

I'd had Girl, a pound-puppy beagle mix, for 12 devilish years. I thought a lot about her since yesterday, when I heard that Pine Mountain Trail enthusiast Carl Carlson had to put down his own fat, sweet old beagle, Odie. He found her following him on the trail a few years back. When the new White Candle Trail debuted in Pine Mountain last year, folks named its best vista the Odie Overlook in her honor.

Can't wait to walk our dogs to that spot and see them stand on the edge and sniff, maybe give a little wag.

This is a picture of Carl's Odie, taken Saturday.


Allison Kennedy said...

That is a kind tribute to Otey and to Girlfriend. ... I know y'all miss Girlfriend. Pets are part of the family!

maggie&bandit said...

What a nice tribute!
Now we want to go, too!

Brad Barnes said...

It's worth the walk. Even on little puppy legs.

jenn said...

I think Maggie and Bandit need to hike on over for a Pine Mountain pic-a-nic!

Jenn said...

By the way, Carl, if you're reading this, I'm sorry to hear about your girl. We're planning to walk our pups to the overlook in her honor.