07 March 2007

I'd pay a nickel for that

If y'all missed it in the paper, Nickel Creek's coming to town at RiverCenter. Here's the short piece I had in the print edition...

Someone posted a question about that show's Internet pre-sale in a comment on an earlier post, and in case anyone else is curious and not scrutinizing the blog comments, I thought I'd give what details I've got right here. Which is this: RiverCenter folks say it'll all done thru the rivercenter.org site starting Friday. I've never done an Internet pre-sale with RiverCenter, but I would assume you'll find a link there to an off-site ticket merchant. Regular on-sale at the box office starts 10 a.m. Saturday.

I've never been blown away by Nickel Creek's discs, but I saw half of their set at Bonnaroo last year and am a fan now. Great show.

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