06 March 2007

The jingle jangle morning

Today's the day for the long-awaited sophomore record from Arcade Fire. As well, The Stooges' new disc -- there's a line I never thought I'd write -- is out. And Wilco's been stealing the headlines with a sneak preview and listening party of their forthcoming record.

What do these three records have in common? Well, at first listen, they're all disappointing. I'll give them some more time and offer more cohesive thoughts in a few days.

Meanwhile, some good music news for the region's festival fans. The Savannah Music Festival last week added the harmonic pop of Guster to its lineup, in place of Al Jarreau. I think they traded up, even though I liked Guster better when the drummer refused to play with sticks. The fest is March 15-April 1.


lisa mc said...

i want to start trying out some wilco. what's the best CD for me to start with?

Brad Barnes said...

"Summerteeth." At least, for my money.

Some would argue the album before, which is "Being There." Some would suggest the album after, which is "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot." All very good, but "Summerteeth" hit that perfect blend of studio dalliances without getting too carried away.

Anonymous said...

Unrelated topic...but I figured here was as good a place as any to post the question--in your story in today's paper you mention a presale on Friday for Nickel Creek tickets...any further details available on that? thanks.

Brad Barnes said...

Re: Nickel Creek

RiverCenter folks say it'll all done thru the rivercenter.org site. I've never done an Internet presale with RiverCenter, but I would assume you'll find a link there to an offsite ticket merchant.

I've never been blown away by Nickel Creek's discs, but I saw half of their set at Bonnaroo last year and am a fan now. Great show.