11 March 2007

Making the grade (not)

Performed abysmally on my weekend picks. One for three, in fact. I missed the Y O U concert. Again. But that was because our friends form out of town were wiped out and we decided to go to Boo's and stay in and toast each other's health, repeatedly, instead. (Gin martini, dirty, is my drink.)

We'd planned to go to Ruth Ann's for breakfast, but we cooked at home instead. Followed by much more chatting. (Omelets with sauteed onion and tomato, with blueberries, strawberries and raspberries on the side, if you must know. (Mmmmm.))

They eventually hit the road. And Sunday was devoted to home improvement stuff -- trying to repair a window, and some ground-grading for a forthcoming shed -- followed by a trip to the Reptile Fest at Oxbow Meadows, where I judged the "Hiss Columbus Pageant." I told them they shouldda called it the Little Hiss Sunshine Pageant instead. Anyway, that was lots of fun. I drove Jenn on the scooter all the way there, which wasn't as hairy as I'd feared on Victory Drive.

Oh well. Better luck next weekend.

ok, this isn't one of our omelets. but don't it look good?


eileen said...

oh, let me come over for an omelette sometime. mine are magical.

see the blog:


susan said...


Brad Barnes said...

Wimps? Hah! We also drove to Lumpkin and hiked a three-mile trail around Providence Canyon. With the dogs. That's a feat of Herculean strength, both mentally and physically...