01 March 2007

The only good kind of Police ticket

The best tickets for the Police reunion shows go for $230. Which is criminal, if you ask me. Some would should call the... um, er, cops.

Also, Best Buy Rewards Zone members get an early shot at tickets. See here: Naked Boy Chronicles: The Police concert. The whole thing just doesn't seem very rock 'n' roll to me. But neither was "Fields of Gold," or that godawful "Englishman in New York" pap that Sting's been passing off as music lately.

Worst thing about the reunion is how Sting dissed the band so badly when he went solo. I remember him saying in an interview something to the effect of, "Yeah, well, it's about time I started making some grown-up music." ... I guess now it's about time he started making some money?

If you simply must go, the closest the band is coming to us is on June 30, in New Orleans. The on-sale date is TBA, though.

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