30 March 2007

Rush order

Here's a left-fielder. I had a guy call me yesterday trying to find out who opened for Rush when the Canadian trio played at the Municipal Auditorium in December 1977. That would've been "Closer to the Heart"-era. He was a little sketchy on why he wanted to know, but what the hell? I've been curious about minutia before...

The promoter remembers the show, but not the opener. Sandra O. remembers it too, but she also doesn't remember the starting act. If any of you long-timers remember it, please post it as a response to this entry, and I'll forward the info to the feller.

Rush has always been a little too, ummm, articulate for my taste. Rock 'n' roll shouldn't enunciate too much, you know? I did like the "Manhattan Project" song, but any good they'd created was erased when Geddy Lee tried to rap on "Roll The Bones."


Sharon said...

actually, it was Neil Peart who did the rap on "RTB," :) but I can't come up with the opening act for the show in question. I didn't become a Rush fan until the Power Windows tour in 1986.

Brad Barnes said...

No kidding? Well, he writes the words, so if he wants to rap 'em, I guess it's his business. Still, we all know his greatest talent is in the trap.