09 March 2007

'Black' and the blues

So we saw "Black Snake Moan" last night, despite some poor reviews. I think we mainly wanted to support Precious Bryant -- the Talbot County blues singer whose song made it into the film. And the movie has gotten some good reviews, though it ended up with a middling grade on Metacritic.

It was a frustratingly uneven film. It had some very strong moments, but there were times it felt like a hard-R version of an afterschool special. And when you thought it was going to be violent, it would turn sweet. When you thought it would be silly, it turned serious. The funniest thing, though, is how the two main characters -- Samuel L. Jackson's Bible-spoutin' blues singer and Christina Ricci's skanktastic sex fiend -- were the thinnest characters in the film. The side characters were surprisingly deep and realistic. Jenn thought Ricci was channeling Reese Witherspoon's Southern persona, eventually calling her Sweet Ho' Alabama. Me, I just kept waiting for Samuel L. to shout, "And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance, ... and you will know my name is the Lord."

Would I recommend the film? Nah, not unless you want to see a lot of Christina Ricci all nekkid-like. But I wasn't sorry I saw it either. It's certainly the stronger of the two "Snake" films Jackson's made in the last 12 months. I'd grade it about a 6 out of 10. It's worth a buck-fifty at the Peachtree, or catch it on Showtime.

But the soundtrack's phenomenal.


lisa mc said...

brad, I have no desire to see "Black Snake Moan" — not even for the nakkyness. However, I love your banner at the top of the page. It is perfect for this blog.

Brad Barnes said...

I crafted it lovingly for my many fans, utilizing all my photoshop tactics and skills. The verdict's out, however, if it can follow me when McClatchy switches us to the new blog server...

You do get to see Justin Timberlake, ostensibly naked too. Though it was pretty much just his chest. Besides, he's a putz.

Anonymous said...


TybeeDawg said...

I like the pulpy, blacksplotation-ess of the promos, and I don't have a problem with Ricci's nekkid-ness either...I'll wait for the DVD though, which I do for most flicks.

Might go to see 300 though. How about you?

Brad Barnes said...

DVD's the way to go for "BSM." That has the added benefit of freeze frame. Not that *I* would stoop to such levels, of course.

I want to see "300." But I'll have to wait until Jenn's off doing something else, with her whole aversion to blood on the screen.