07 March 2007

Soap opera

They can figure out how to make a toothpaste tube that doesn't gunk up, but I'll be damned if they can tell us what to do once we get near the end of a bar of soap.

We all know that leaving the soap on the side of the tub effectively glues the bar there once it dries. So I long ago graduated to putting it one one of those holders that hangs from the shower head -- you know, with the plastic-coated bars. Which is fine and dandy until the soap gets so small that you have to precariously balance it when you're done.

Once the soap is so thin that I can kind of see through it, I usually meld it onto a new bar. But I have to compress it so hard that I'm half curious to see if there's a little soapy diamond in my hands when I open them.

And just yesterday, I realized that Jenn's just been throwing out the little remnant. This from a woman who can't stand waste in just about any other facet of her life. Argh.

Anyone else got a better strategy? Come on, offer up some dish. You know, some soap dish.


eileen said...

make a little pouch out of a washcloth. sort of like a change purse. have a velcro strip, or a coupla buttons, to close it.
as your soaps get too small, put em in the pouch ... when you have three or four (or more, depending on your shower-holder-filter-mechanism grading tool) ... you use the pouch to suds yerself.

elegantly extracted from eileen's eclectically engineered economic experiences

Brad Barnes said...

Hey, that's seriously a great idea. Now if only it didn't require at least three skill sets that I don't have.

(cutting, sewing, and, well, patience)

Allison Kennedy said...

I hate to venture down this slippery "soap."

eileen said...

actually, you don't have to cut at all. just fold the thing up.
and if it weren't for fear that you'd end up getting stabbed, i'd say ... put it together with safety pins. however i had a thought while i was typing this that i "might could" make a "gajillion dollars from this by making and selling these.

what a great christmas gift!

"... uhhhhh, what is it?!"
oh, it's for your leftover soap."
"ahhhhh, uh, thank you. that's so kind of you. is' jes' 'xackly whut ah need"

Anonymous said...

you could just treat yourself to an three-times-as-long shower the day your soap is too small to shelf, and just suds yourself up until 1)the soap is gone 2) it gets so small it slips out of your hand and you can't find it again. But this might be actually more wasteful than just throwing away the soap because of all the extra water you'll use

Brad Barnes said...

Har. Not to mention all the aloe you'd need to use to re-moisturize your skin...

TybeeDawg said...

I moosh 'em up into the new bar, but my mom used to throw them into a mason jar and then use that to wash the dog.