02 March 2007

Spark in the dark

Weird night in the Chattahoochee Valley. Heard the tornado sirens, but the tornado touched down a few miles north of us in Bibb City. Still, the power went down at about 8:15 p.m.

Jenn grabbed her camp radio, which has a crank generator on it. We wound it up and listened for news, but all we really found was classical music on NPR. Still, that was kinda nice, by candlelight, when all we could hear was the rain and driving wind. (It dawned on me that we could've listened to music on her iPod, but only one of us could've done that at a time, unless we were willing to split up the earbuds. It was nicer going without.)

The power came back on a little after midnight. And, of course, all the lights we'd left on when the power dropped came flooding back on, waking me up (But not Jenn, the trollop). No deaths reported in Muscogee County as of yet. Hope everyone made it through OK.

My favorite tornado picture was on the back of an album by The Call.

Can't find the image of the back anywhere, but here's the cover of the album, "Reconciled." Good record.


Mary Cauffman said...

I'm glad you and Jenn are okay.

Brad Barnes said...

Thanks Mary. Yeah, we're all fine, although a couple of folks died in Americus. The tolls were highest in Alabama. Jenn's parents' church got whupped up on pretty good, though.