14 March 2007

People who should not procreate

I'm on Day 2 of a scratchy throat, and I can't tell if it's another bout with a cold or just pollen kicked up by the early spring.

Speaking of things that make me feel sick, I just read that actress Tori Spelling, winner of the American Quarterhorse Association's Most Equine Actress Award (1994-1997), has given birth to a child. Ugh.

The good news is young Liam Aaron McDermott is already as smart as Ms. Spelling.

This blog here pretty much covers all the pertinent material. I'm really not superficial about beauty and such. But I think if you're arrogant and smug -- and dumb -- you deserve all the insults you've got coming at you.
Awww, baby Liam's got her nose...


eileen said...

no comment on this post, as i echo your sentiments.... but... did anyone (besides me, with a small but cool group, that included 2 five year old girls who had a grand time...) did anyone see or review Blue Man Group at the Civic Ctr last nite?

first time i've seen em and i am BLOWN away. marvelous. performance art to the nth degree.

Brad Barnes said...

Tori's wearing a blue dress, so I guess it's tangentially related...

I didn't make it to Blue Man. I always liked them, but bumped them down a notch when they started selling Blue Man Group CDs. Anyways, I was talking with one of my coworkers who went, though, and she really enjoyed it. How was the crowd?