13 March 2007

They're gonna take you by surprise...

Take 2 on the Delp tribute... I promise to let it go now.

Why, oh why, did the city of Boston have to go and taunt the Mooninites? What fury has your insolence wrought upon you, city of lobster rolls and Tom Brady? In what we assume must be retribution for an unprecedented fine to the Cartoon Network, the "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" villains have retaliated by smiting the singer of the city’s namesake band.

No longer will Brad Delp offer to let him take you home tonight. No more can he understand about indecision. No longer will he see his Marianne walking away(yyyyyy ay-heyyyyyyyy!) The bastards didn’t even give him time to say to us, "So long, I think I should be goin’."

Worst of all, their method of execution still escapes us...

Side lines:
* Fans of the band can download what turned out to be Delp's farewell concert here.
* Some nice blog tributes are here, here and here.
* A huge collection of fan sites are at this hub.

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