12 March 2007


You wanna know what's really idiotically stupid? I mean, stupider than those retarded songs you had to learn in music class in fourth grade? Like, for instance, "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt"? I'll tell you what: those Spray 'n Wash commercials where they ambush people and stain their clothes, so they can then hit 'em with Spray 'n Wash and show them how great the product works.

I saw one of them again this morning. The people are all mad, shouting at the guy what spilled stuff on their clothes. But then, a time-lapse second later, they're looking at their washed clothes and smiling, saying, "I can't believe it came out!" Like they're not still mad that some idjit covered them with chocolate sauce, or ketchup and mustard, or whatever. Like they didn't mind wasting two hours for their clothes to be washed. Like the stupid Spray 'n Wash T-shirt they're wearing while the clothes are in the spin cycle somehow atones for all sins.

Morons. I mean, not the people, they're just actors. But the Spray 'n Wash people are idiots if they think we're believing this drivel for a minute. I mean, "Watch me trick Fred out of his Fruity Pebbles" is more realistic. (I would love to see the Spray 'n Wash guys accidentally stain up someone's dry-clean-only shirt just once, though.)

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