30 March 2007

Whaddaya mean "if"?

O.J. Simpson's supposedly playful book, "If I Did It," was probably the first bestseller that was never actually released. (A bestseller through online pre-orders.)

Anyway, the book will lose that standing, if a judge's ruling holds.

The L.A. Times reports that a superior court judge has ordered the rights to O.J. Simpson's infamous book-- which includes a chapter speculating on how he might've pulled off the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and friend Ron Goldman -- be auctioned off. So the book might, despicably, yet find its way to a bookshelf.

I'm all about free speech, so whatever. Just don't buy the damned thing.

The best part of the story is, the judge ordered proceeds go to Goldman's peeps.

(Which reminds me: Mmmmm, Peeps.)


Anonymous said...

i didn't know they made blue peeps

bandit(notmaggie) said...

You've got to try the chocolate Peeps. They taste like marshmallow dipped in Nestles Quik.
However, in a non-scientific taste test, we've discovered that sugar-free Peeps should be named Poops.

Brad Barnes said...

OK, I'm scared to ask. And I mean, anything. ... Yup, just letting that go. (Much like you did, it sounds like, Beezer. ... And you didn't hear this from me, but Jenn referred to you guys earlier as Bandie and Maggot. Don't be mad. There was wine involved. You got the better end, ahem, of the deal anyway.)

bandit said...

I've still got dirt up my nose from digging up a new flower bed, but i know when Maggie's been insulted.
Go for it -- Keep drinking!