15 March 2007

Yuck. Ptooey. Eww.

I don't know why we bought it. It was cheap, at Target, and we're always looking for diet sodas that don't taste like crap. That's how Jazz Diet Pepsi wound up in the buggy. Despite this picture, the only one available locally was the caramel cream flavor.

I also don't know why I thought I'd like it. I don't really like jazz music. (Excepting a few artists, like Coltrane, Corea, Mingus, Beddage.)

I should've followed my instincts on this. If you watched the Ken Burns series on jazz a few years back, you know that some people originally spelled the word jazz "jass." Rhymes with "ass." Which is what Jazz Diet Pepsi tastes like. Wayyyyy too sweet, and that judgement is coming from someone who loves full-strength Coca-Cola. This is sweet in that non-sugary, generic-brand Nutrasweet sorta way. Run. Run away.

Indulgent zero-calorie cola they call it in this ad. Indulgent like a vomitorium, maybe.

1 comment:

TybeeDawg said...

hmmm...from your description this would be modern pop Pepsi.

Jazz Pepsi would be unique and fresh, with each sip an improv riff on your tastebuds...a drink you gotta pay attention to in order to enjoy.

then there's rap cola, bottom-heavy and guaranteed to rattle your annoy your neighbors.

or jamband cola...can't keep it in the bottle, because its all over the place.