10 April 2007

Bad, bad idea

Got a press release about a new songwriting lyrics contest. Apparently, lots of people will submit the potential next line for a song, others get to vote on it, then, after voting closes, it's on to the next line.

I don't mean to argue with their motives -- which include raising awareness about breast cancer. But this seems like a horrid idea. The reason dictatorships are so powerful (right or wrong) is because of the singular focus and vision of the leader. Even in America, the democratic republic model works because it's a representative democracy. Our reps don't have to vote our way, if they think it's in the greater good to do otherwise.

So songwriting by committee? Feh.

I also saw an episode of Pen & Teller's "Bullshit!" the other day that alleged that increasing breast cancer awareness was really doing no good. And obviously it's doing nothing toward finding a cure. As to whether good can come from this song or not, I guess I'll reserve final judgement until after I see the finished lyrics. For what it's worth, I did love the schizophrenic song Adam Sandler wrote for his old girl, Linda, in "The Wedding Singer." Maybe the guys at The Song the World Wrote will end up with something just as charming... (The first line is "Across the oceans, across the land." So on second thought, maybe it's doomed.)

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