12 April 2007

Boogie down (Won't you take me to Funkytown?)

One of my annual guilty pleasures is the Old 280 Boogie that takes place in Waverly, Ala., every year. It's a big street party that celebrates the fact that the D.O.T. bypassed the little town -- which has a postmodern hippie commune vibe -- when they four-laned U.S. 280. No more 18-wheelers rattling their windows and all that.

It's a free festival, with a lineup of likable bands. Usually the Pine Hill Haints play their early-sounding rock 'n' roll, country and rockabilly songs with a bucket bass and a washboard accenting the guitar and musical saw. There's cakewalks for the kids and horseshoes for anyone who wants to throw 'em. The Standard Deluxe T-shirt shop is open for shoppers or people who want to browse the art on the wall. And the vendors have been growing every year.

The date for this year's Boogie is April 21, from 11 a.m.-5:30 p.m. EDT. Here's the band list: Sworn Enemies (Americana/swing/bluegrass), Sunny King (blues), The Fiddleworms(Southern rock), Pine Hill Haints (see above), Nothing Personal (rock), Mr. Resistor (punk). Go here for more.

The Haints


eileen said...

if (and i shouldn't even say 'if')
y'all go to this
can i travel with you???

puh LEeeeeeez?


TybeeDawg said...

A DBT friend of mine from Auburn wrote me about this yesterday. Thinking seriously about going, so we'll see ya there. (Fiddleworms have ex-Trucker Rob Malone in the band.)

Brad Barnes said...

I'd been wondering where The Devil went. I Googled him a year or two back and couldn't find nothing. He's an awesome playa.

(Eileen, normally a ride would be no problem. But we're coming into the Boogie via outta town the night before, so I don't think it'll work. Definitely come up, though. It's just, like, 45 miles. Good times.)

TybeeDawg said...

Speaking of Truckers, guess ya heard the Jason news the other day, oh boy?

ten thousand bullet holes in Blackburn, Lanker-sheer? ;)

Brad Barnes said...

His solo record was supposed to come out in, like, 2005. I'm not surprised he's leaving. Disappointed, though. It was nice to see a newbie come in and hold his own -- I thought amicably -- with the rest of the guys. Shonna's still in, though, and there's rumor that she and Jason are divorcing? Crazy soap-opera highjinx.

TybeeDawg said...

Sirens of the Ditch has a release date in July, he's currently opening for Son Volt.

And in the soap-opera department, Jason lists his marital status on his myspace page as "single" and yes, Shonna's still in the band.

Last year, the manager of Plan 9 records in Richmond VA (a longtime friend of the band) told me that if anyone were to leave the band and do the rock star thing, it would be Jason.

Oh well, good luck to all of 'em I say.