11 April 2007

'Grindhouse.' Hmmmm.

I finally saw the Tarantino/Rodriguez flick(s?) last night. Interesting stuff. I certainly understand its lukewarm reception at the box office in its first weekend, and it doesn't have much to do with its' 3-hour-plus length, I think. Honestly, I didn't care much for the Rodriguez piece, "Planet Terror" (Rose McGowan's striptease aside). Just too much splatter. Maybe my take would be different if it were just blood and not so much, well I'll just say it, pus. ... The Tarantino piece was more my speed, but even he pushed the envelope too far in other ways.

I'll probably be expanding my thoughts in next week's column. I've really got more to say than seems appropriate for the blog, which I've tried to keep short and sweet.

But I'm curious for thoughts from anyone else who's seen it.


Tim Kelly said...

A great concept gone bad by the three hours of time in the good old movie seat. Can Americans really sit that long anymore? The movies from Quent and Robert continue to show facsination with flicks from the 70's, but is this genre really relevant anymore? I mean they aren't movies equvalent to good CCR songs. The studio knows they blew as evidenced by announced plans to release the two flicks as seperate movies in the coming weeks. All I can say Brad, is where is the next "Pulp Fiction"? Cheers.

Brad Barnes said...

Good points, Tim. You know, I think three 40-minute films woul've felt a lot better than two 90-minute ones.