19 April 2007

Groovy new music on the way

Got two new great pieces of information today:

1) A new Maria McKee album is done. It's out on April 24. My God, that voice... She was the Lone Justice lead singer in the '80s. Also has a song on the "Pulp Fiction" soundtrack. But her best work was on solo records titled "You Gotta Sin to Get Saved" and "High Dive." Buy them.

2) Okkervil River's new record is in the can, per this note. No street date yet. Can't friggin' wait.

And, just cause I'm feeling generous, I'll give a bonus piece of great news:

3) Joan and Melissa Rivers have been canned by the TV Guide Channel. How bad do you have to be to get fired by the station that broadcasts in only one-quarter of your screen? Read this funny bit on A Socialite's Life if you wanna know who the replacement is. ... Trying to think of something else clever to say about it, but maybe we should just take advantage of the news and enjoy the silence. For once.

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